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Buying motorized scooters for seniors represents a fairly large purchase, and there is a lot of choice on the market. There are many scooters on the market today.

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Please note that each retailer offers several models and the ranges stated cover the main models on each site. The complement of features varies from model to model. Not only do they manufacture high-quality scooters for seniors and people with limited mobility, but they also have a wide selection of electric wheelchairs power chairs , lift chairs, and mobility lifts.

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Scooter weight range: lbs. A family run company since , Golden produces a large number of mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and lift chairs. The folks at Drive Medical understand mobility and safety issues and create a variety of products to keep people safe. In addition to mobility scooters, Drive Medical also sells bathroom safety equipment, specialty beds, respiratory equipment and more.

Not only do they offer a large variety of scooter options, they pride themselves in the care and customer service ingrained in the company. If you visit their website, ScootersNChairs. User weight: Starting at lbs up to lbs for the sturdiest models. Speed: From 4 mph up to 20 mph. About: Wheelchair offers an impressive range of scooters, including 3 and 4 wheel, travel, and indoor and outdoor. Scooter weight: Starting at just for some of the travel models, ranging to lbs for some of the heavy duty ones. User weight: Starting at lbs for the foldable models, up to lbs for some of the three and four wheelers.

Speed: From 4. Travel distance: From 5. About: Walgreens offers a small but surprisingly varied range of mobility scooters, including three or four-wheel, and foldable models. Scooter weight: Starting at just 59lbs for their foldable model, ranging to 94 lbs for some of the heavy duty ones. User weight: Starting at lbs for the foldable model, up to lbs for some of the three and four wheelers.

Travel distance: From 6 — 10 miles per charge. About: As you can imagine, Amazon offers a huge range of mobility scooters!

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Our initial search found many 3 and 4 wheeler models, and some highway worthy models, plus travel scooters. Amazon offers plus listings — the specs below are from some of the top searches. Scooter weight: Starting at just 82lbs for some of the travel models, ranging to over lbs for some of the heavy duty ones.

User weight: From lbs — lbs. Speed: Most of the models we found were around the 4 — 5 mph mark. Travel distance: From 6. As well as mid-price models they also offer very high-spec and heavy duty scooters, suitable for use on many types of terrain. Scooter weight: Starting at just 62lbs for their foldable model, ranging to lbs for some of the heavy duty ones. Speed: From 3.

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About: Medical Supply Depot offers the full range of scooters, including indoor, outdoor, travel, and both 3 and 4 wheel models. Scooter weight: Starting at just 70lbs for some of the travel models, ranging to over lbs for some of the heavy duty ones. Travel distance: From 8 — 35 miles per charge, depending on the model. Mobility scooters are small motorized vehicles. They can be front or rear wheel drive. Scooters run on integrated batteries and need regular charging.

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Each model differs slightly, but in general, you can expect around 6 to 8 miles of use from each charge for a standard model, though some heavy duty models go as far as 30 miles per charge. Models suitable for road use run at up to 8 mph, while indoors and sidewalk suitable models max out around 4 mph. A motorized scooter for seniors is a mobility aid designed to make it much easier to get around. Some seniors use their mobility scooter in place of walking, taking public transit, or relying on a lift from another person, to get around their local area with minimal trouble. Others use their scooter to get around the home if walking is difficult.

Always be clear on whether the scooter will need to be used on roads or highways, and if so, make sure to purchase a class 3 scooter. For many seniors, loss of mobility is a distressing part of getting older. When it becomes hard to walk around the home or to get to church, the library, the shops or for meetups with friends, a mobility scooter can be a wonderful piece of equipment.

Using a mobility scooter gives many seniors their independence back, which is good for their confidence, and helps them keep up with their social life and stay active. The most important thing when it comes to choosing a mobility scooter is to be very clear about when, where and how the senior will use it.

This will dictate which model you need and whether it should be class 2 or class 3. With so many mobility scooters on the market, you are sure to find one to suit your needs and budget. We recommend getting clear on what specs you need and making a list before you start shopping, to be sure the scooter you choose is the ideal one for your loved one. Here are a list of some of the big scooter brands to get you started:.

Will the mobility scooter be used primarily indoors, outdoors or both? There is a lot to this question, and understanding where the user needs mobility-assistance will determine many factors about the models to consider. Most of the indoor models can get away with 3 wheels one leading and two trailing.

A single leading wheel makes the scooter easier to steer, and lighter too. Are you paying cash for the mobility scooter, or are you hoping Medicare will pick up the cost? Many manufacturers and marketers tout that mobility scooters for seniors can be paid for by Medicare if you qualify for Medicare.

Scooters for Seniors- What You Need To Know- 10 Questions

There are stipulations to this strategy, however. Do you require a new model OR would a used reconditioned scooter do the job? Do you or someone you know have the means to transport your scooter if you intend on using it outside the home? The larger grocery chains usually have mobility scooters available for people that need assistance, but some do not. If you plan on taking your scooter with you, you need ample space in your vehicle like a mini-van AND someone to muscle it in and out for you. Van lifts are obviously the best alternative, but you need to think about transport as it relates to using a scooter away from home.

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How much do you plan on spending on your mobility scooter? For the reasons mentioned above, there is a wide range in prices for mobility scooters for seniors. Features, durability, and quality raise the price points considerably.

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  • Have you found any ratings and reviews for mobility scooters? Here at The Senior List, we plan on showcasing many of the popular models, so that our users can provide feedback on senior-friendly-scooters.

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    Until then, you can check out Amazon. You can also check with the manufacturers, or the sales outlet but you might not be getting unbiased feedback. Just keep that in mind. Is the scooter comfortable to sit in? Now this may seem obvious, but if you plan on purchasing online, make sure you find that model locally and take it for a spin. Mobility Scooters are designed to be comfortable, but I can tell you from experience that people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! Legroom is a big consideration when evaluating the comfort of a mobility scooter.

    Another consideration is that we all sit a bit differently! What is the maximum load weight? Load weight refers to all of the weight-bearing-stress being placed on or in the scooter and any one time. Individuals that are overweight, or need to carry heavy objects with them need to understand and answer these questions when evaluating mobility options. What kind of warranty comes with my purchase? Make sure you understand the warranty inside and out. Service can be expensive on mobility devices not to mention a pain in the posterior. Know your rights upfront. However, what most cities agree with is that e-scooters, electric bikes, and pedal bikes, whether docked nbsp;or dockless, are viable solutions to help alleviate traffic congestion, especially at rush hours, and they are excited about that.

    Note: based on multiple conversations with senior MTA officials across the country. The main concerns with micro-mobility vehicles, and e-scooters in particular, are safety and whether cities current infrastructure can support the massive influx of these vehicles. There are various walking aids which can help people with impaired ability to walk and wheelchairs or mobility for more severe disability.

    Reply Nice article on electric scooter for adults Reply Thanks for explaining that electric mobility scooters can have either front or rear wheel drive. My dad had a fall recently and is no longer able to walk with much speed or stability, so we think he should get a mobility scooter. That is the risk with DNA tests, she says: not everyone is ready to learn that what they believe to be true, is not — especially secondhand.